Anumso Gold Project - Ghana

Regional Geology

The Banka Mining Lease is underlain by Tarkwaian and Birimian series metasediments, volcanics and volcaniclastics, dipping approximately 60 ° to the east. Several bands of Tarkwaian conglomerate, separated by greywackes and arenites, are present on the property and exhibit impressive strike continuity. The detailed geology shows that the conglomerates outcrop on surface and can be traced continually over 4 km.

Newmont's Akyem deposit, which is located 10 km to the east and has circa 14 million oz of resource, occurs within the Birimian volcano-sedimentary units and the massive gold deposits of Tarkwa occur in Banket conglomerate horizons similar to those seen on the Banka concession.

Local Geology

The primary target for gold exploration is the eastern conglomerate horizon with its seven distinct zones. However, other prospective zones are: the 3.7 km western conglomerate horizon which lies approximately 1.3 km to the west of the eastern conglomerate; and the Tarkwaian/Birimian contact and Birimian volcano-sedimentary units to the east of Banka, which provide a similar geological setting to the Akyem deposit so may host a similar style of gold mineralisation. The relationship between the eastern and western conglomerate is not clear. Previous interpretations have assumed they are two limbs of a synformal structure and therefore the same horizon - as suggested in the point above. However, it is possible that the eastern conglomerate is part of a much larger regional synform which would mean the western conglomerate is a separate, younger conglomerate horizon. Such an interpretation would greatly increase the depth potential of mineralisation associated with the eastern conglomerate.