Nyieme Gold Project - Burkina Faso

Regional Geology

The area is dominated by the NESW trending interleaving of tracts of granite and a volcano-sedimentary package. The Nyieme Village deposit is situated at the apex of the volcano-sedimentary rocks protruding northwards into the granitic terrain. In the extreme west and east of the licence is a package of andesite, basalt, dacite. In the north of the licence there are mica schists while a small 'pluton' of gabbro and dolerite is situated to the west of the licence.

Local Geology

The Nyieme deposit is located at the boundary between granites and granitoids to the east and Birimian meta-sediments to the west. The rheological differences have focussed NS dextral shearing between the two geological domains which has resulted in conjugate tension gashes being formed. The drilled orebody deposit at Nyieme Village is situated within one of these tension gashes which are in-filled with mineralised quartz veining up to 9m thick dipping 50 ° to the east. Other areas of potential rheological differentiation, which also demonstrate soil sampling anomalies, have been identified.