Workforce and Community

Maintaining good health, safety, social and environmental standards is very important to Goldplat and to this end it is committed to assisting its workforce and the local community and establishing environmentally-conscious mining cultures within each country of operation.

The Company continues to improve the skills of its workforce. In this regard all employees can voluntarily join the Adult Basic Educational Training programme which is outsourced to an educational facility and is funded by the Company.

In selected cases the Company assists in the tertiary education of employee's children whereby the full financial burden is removed from the parent.

The Company donates funds to a number of individuals and or organisations in need. It is currently contributing funds to the Inter Africa Soccer Academy in South Africa, which has 8,000 people, mostly children from disadvantaged backgrounds, to defray the cost of transport and uniforms, and for the past two years has funded a table at the 'Music for Children' event held at Emperors Palace.