BRR Interview following positive Interim Results, February 2017

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Directors Talk Interview, Positive Preliminary Results, September 2017

Goldplat keeping their eye on the job after a fantastic quarter - October 2017

Goldplat Plc Deliver Another Set of Strong Results - October 2017

Interview with Directors Talk, April 2017

Interview with Directors Talk, February 2017

Interview with Directors Talk, June 2017

Proactive Investor Interview following new US$2 million loan facility, March 2017

Proactive Investor Interview, "Kilimapesa on the verge of profitability", February 2017

Proactive Investors Interview, A good quarter on all fronts, April 2017

Proactive Investors Interview, All of our operations are now operating profitably, June 2017

Proactive Investors Interview, September 2017